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This is your source for the Real Dirty Gay Cops. See these power hungry and horny cops take control of our black population and fuck them. No shit, these hot cops from Gay Patrol display their power by taking the law into there own hands, and punish these big black cocks with their assholes. Watch all of these Gay patrol videos in full hd video or enjoy on your mobile device with mobile ready xxx hd movies.

Perp Gets It Hard

- Jul 19, 2017

The officers get some information about an illegal prostitution ring decide to raid the place to shut it down. While taking matters into their hands they catch a guy getting a “massage”. After getting caught they busted the girl woman and they tell the guy to stay laying down. The officer continues being rough and even starts having his way with the guys cock. They tell the guy to get dressed and to go outside. This is where the guy takes his only chance to get away and diced to give in to the officers. They have him suck both of them off before being thrown around on hood of the car. The perp gets fucked hard and rough from multiple positions until the officer are fully satisfied.

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Stolen Valor

- Feb 16, 2017

We received a dispatch call about a “homeless” man begging at a corner while wearing a army outfit. Getting there we thought he was a Army vet down on his luck. however when we arrived we found out it was just some stupid guy pretending to be a veteran. This is when the Lieutenant lost his shit. The guy was an obvious fake, his outfit was completely wrong. We had to hold the lieutenant from doing any real damage. Then we took the stupid criminal to one of our spots. Here’s where he learned his lesson. We made him decided which way he wanted things to go, the easy way or the hard way. They always pick the easy way.

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Shoplifting leads to ass fucking

- Feb 9, 2017

If you’re black and reading this, do us in law enforcement a favor - DON’T FUCKING RUN! Just because Jesse Owens could out run the white man doesn’t mean you can. I’m tired of having to buy new shoes because you dumb motherfuckers think you can just sprint away. Not how it works home boy. Is your life really worth risking over a $16.99 t-shirt for some bitch your fucking? No, but this spearchucker today thought so. How stupid can you be? Someone called the cops about a bald black motherfucker shoplifting. When we approached you, you ran. When we searched you, you had girls clothing tucked inside your hoodie. Come on bro, not even the Trump administration is that stupid. So we busted this bald blackie and took him back to one of our secret spots.  We used our cracka cocks to convince him that stealing dumb shit is a dumb idea. Thank god the darkies ain’t all stupid and know that the easy way, is always the better option for all involved.

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Officers In Pursuit

- Feb 2, 2017

We came across a suspicious vehicle. The moment the driver noticed us behind him, he ditched the car and took off running. Leading us on a foot chase through the projects. Running in and out properties. We eventually caught up to his punk ass. We handcuffed him and threw him in the back of the car. We knew we had to teach him lesson, we took him to our warehouse where he chocked on my cock while taking my partners cock up the ass. He loved every single minute of it. We just doing our duties and keeping creeps off the streets.

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Fucking the white police with some chocolate dick

- Jan 31, 2017

When Officer West got a report about some idiot doing doughnuts in a parking lot, my cock starting getting hard. Dumb, criminal activity, in the middle of the day - oh you better believe some black son of a bitch was doing it. Sure enough, we pull up and a delicious piece of chocolate is behind the wheel driving recklessly. Enjoy your face time with the concrete coco puff. This criminal, in particular, had quite the mouth on him. “Fuck the cops”, “cracka ass”, oh it was salty chocolate at first. Now, these types of criminals always talk a big game. They hard, they gangsta. Well those gangsta dicks get nice and hard when given the opportunity to take the easy way out by letting some white chocolate have a little fun with them. All that aggressive oogie boogie talk goes silent when that big black dick is deep in cracka cop ass. I hope our little darkie friend learned his lesson, but something tells me we’re going to have another meeting with this black snowflake who does whatever he wants.

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Two daddies are better than one

- Jan 19, 2017

Another day on the beat means another day of cleaning up the streets. We got some reports about pimps and prostitutes working early in the morning. That means we got to be up early working too. Big Daddy wasn’t discrete in his dealings, and his bitch had a big mouth, so busting them was easy. Getting a hardened pimp to talk ain’t easy, though. Even in handcuffs, his mouth wouldn’t run enough to get him in much worse trouble. If you star putting the screws to his property with your cock, however, more than their mouth hole tends to open nice and wide. We gave his bitch some hard interrogations, but Big Daddy had this bitch trained well. No matter how much we pounded and humiliated him, his only concern was for his daddy and daddy’s safety. Big Daddy’s got his game tight, but tomorrow is another day. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of these two.

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