Gay Patrol

Illegal Bike Racers got more than they bargained for

- Dec 6, 2016

We found a gang of bikers, racing through the back alleys of the hood. We chased them down to break up this illegal gathering. They were hostile and kicked the police car and flicked us off. They even made us chase them through the neighborhood. Luckily one member had bike issue and we were able to take him down. He resisted arrest, but we got him into the back of the squad car. Then we took him back to the precinct for interrogation. He didn’t give us much information on his possies whereabouts or identification. But we were able to extract one useful piece of info. He loves to suck cock and take cop dick in his ass. I think he can be an asset to us as an informant.

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Suspect on the Run, Gets Deep Dick Conviction

- Dec 1, 2016

We pulled over this suspicious vehicle and we were confirmed when we see saw that it was a Black male who was driving. This DWB was acting suspicious, so we told him to get out his car so we can perform a thorough strip search. While I was feeling around for his weapon, my partner officer Jones took a look at his trunk. But thats when the suspect became agitated and resisted arrest. He broke free and fled the scene. We pursued him and chased him through the crime ridden streets. We finally caught him when officer West flanked him with his car. After we arrested him, we took him to our private spot and gave him a chance to earn his freedom. We let him suck our dicks and we each took a turn pounding him in his chocolate ass. He loved it too, turns out because he came hard after we nutted on his face.

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The homie takes the easy way

- Nov 29, 2016

Another late night on patrol, another night in making a difference in people’s lives. My partner and I received a late night call about some suspicious characters seen hopping a gate. Off we were to do good work for the community. After speaking with someone at the front gate, we went inside. We did sweep around the property and came up empty on the first pass. Then we found a couple of homies hiding and they scattered like the insects they are. One of the cockroaches got away, but we nabbed that one son of a bitch hard! I’m getting hard just thinking about taking him down again. Now to a lot of the criminal element, their mindset is stuck on fuck the police. We’re not bad guys, though. Our captured friend here learned that the easy way. The easy way makes everything a lot more simple. See how easy it was for him to get his cock sucked by a couple of boys in blue. See how easy it was for him to take turns ramming his big black cock up my partner's ass and mine. Fuck the police indeed! Man, I gotta go bust a few more homies now because thinking about this arrest has me super hard again.

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Breaking and Entering Leads to a Hard Arrest

- Nov 22, 2016

We got a call from dispatch about a possible 211s in progress, we went in to investigate. We found the suspect hiding between some boxes in the back of the warehouse. He was disoriented when we caught him. Apparently, he was sleeping. After we apprehended him we started to question the suspect. He told us that he was looking for a place to sleep after getting kicked out of his house for cheating. We were going to turn in this cheating son of a bitch to lock up when my partner came up with a better idea. To avoid paper work we told the suspect to suck our dicks and let us fuck him. If he cooperated we’d let him walk. Turns out this criminal know how to handle a dick. He sucked us off good and then he let us pound his ass and he took it like a champ. After we came on him. Well he still needed a place to sleep. So we took him to county.

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Apprehended Breaking and Entering Suspect gets to fuck the police

- Nov 15, 2016

We got a call. A break in at the industrial office complex on Mainland and 3rd. We arrived on the scene and found that the front door was open, so we entered and began inspecting the scene. We found the suspect hiding behind some desks holding two computer screens. We told him to freeze but the suspect ran into a back room and out some hallways. We gave chase and the suspect led us to the roof of the complex. We knew we had him cornered, so we split up and began scanning the roof. We apprehended the suspect and made an arrest. After we subdued the suspect. We patted him down and we found out that he had a big black dick. We also noticed that he was wearing the wrong gang colors for his set. That's when we knew we hand him. We told him what would happen to him if he went to county with the wrong colors. He would be made a bitch. So we made a deal with him. Let us suck his dick and then ride his big black dick until me and my partner were satisfied. He was reluctant at first, but given the circumstances he agreed. Law and order was established when we look a load of his cum.

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