Gay Patrol

Purse thief becomes ass meat

- Jan 12, 2017

Because crime never rests, the watchful eye of law enforcement can never sleep. We had already prepared for this late night stake out. We’ve been getting reports about some a-hole robbing young ladies of the night of their purses. That shit stops tonight. We had to wait a while but that donkey showed up. We then took him down. Ohhh it was sweet. We took our new homie back to our special place and as soon as he gets the straight dope he knew it was face down, ass up time. Our little limp dicked homie here gives a look to the camera that screams if I had paid more attention in school, I wouldn’t be getting fucked in the ass by a couple of cracka cop cocks right now. Oh, we rode that donkey’s ass hard. But we made a difference today. You won’t see this homie stealing purses anymore.

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You Act A Fool, You Pay The Price

- Jan 4, 2017

We received several noise complains coming from a room at a nearby hotel. We arrived and a black suspect, early twenties had barricaded himself inside the room. We made Leeroy open the door. Once inside we confront Jamal about all the noise he was making and he claimed to not be making noise. We had to teach Toby a lesson, So I pulled officer West’s pants down and made Tyrese toss that salad. He loved every second of it. Then we pulled down our pants and had Lebron go ham on our dicks before pounding that tight asshole of his. You act a fool, you pay the price.

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Get fucked by the police

- Dec 29, 2016

We got a tip about an illegal chop shop. Soon as we knock and announce our presence, a pair of hands go up. Paydirt. We found a Mustang we were looking for and a homie that had a lot of attitude. Maybe if you didn’t run an illegal chop shop we wouldn’t have to be all up in your business sweetie. This pickaninny porch monkey didn’t take the hint to know his role and shut his mouth. The officers found a solution to his flapping gums problem - their white cocks shoved down his throat. Real hard to cop an attitude if your mouth is full of white dick. Soon as this baboon got out his white cock vocal reduction prison, it was right back to jigaboo talk. Fuck the police, how bout instead you get fucked by the police. Yeah that didn’t work so I’m sure we’re going to be back again for another visit real soon.

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Serial Tagger gets caught in the Act

- Dec 22, 2016

We found the suspect in the back of an alley. He was probably tagging his call name or gang name or whatever, but he didn’t get to finish before we busted his ass. He tried to escape over the fence, but because were cops who have extensive police training we were able to apprehend the suspect quickly. We tried to get information out of him, like what his street name is or what set he represents. But he kept telling us that he was a local artist. So after we figured that he wasn’t a threat, we decided to give this guy an opportunity to show us how he will be a model citizen from now on, by letting us suck his dick. Officer West, chocked down his dick and even Lt. Got some too. He had a big black dick too. Then they took turns letting him fuck them in the ass behind some junkyard car in the decrepit neighborhood. You can say we did our part in cleaning up the streets.

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Robbery Suspect Apprehended

- Dec 15, 2016

My partners and I rolled up on a robbery suspect at a barbershop. We had to either take him in or teach him a lesson, and teach him a lesson we did. First we emptied the barbershop making sure every single person was out. then it was time to show this perp a lesson. We had him blow us and chock on our cop cocks. After our dicks were sucked dry, it was time to to fuck him in the ass. He played tough guy but he loved every single minute of it.

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Prostitution Sting

- Dec 8, 2016

We sent one of our female officers undercover as a prostitute to attempt to catch some solicitors. Eventually someone took the bait, and it was time to run in and arrest the perv. Once back at the station, kept insisting that he knew the “prostitute,” some had to break it to him that she was an officer of the law. My partners and I decided to teach him a lesson. We made him fuck the shit out of us. He wanted to get laid? He got just that but instead of hooker booty he got police ass. Once we were satisfied enough, he came on our faces and we sent him packing.

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